[What inflammation can not eat]_ wound inflammation _ diet taboo _ precautions

[What inflammation can not eat]_ wound inflammation _ diet taboo _ precautions

Don’t think that the inflammation of the wound is a trivial matter, and it is not worth acknowledging. In fact, any consequences will be cured quickly with the help of food, otherwise the development of the disease will only be accelerated.

What are the contraindications to wound inflammation, and what foods are suitable for eating?

Hair: Common hairs include pork, chicken, eggs, donkey, meat, beef, mutton, dog, goose, goose eggs, duck eggs, pheasant and other meats; carp, catfish, squid,Fish, white fish, yellow croaker, squid, catfish, catfish, sea bass, catfish, catfish, octopus, flounder, catfish, band fish, catfish, yellow catfish, mussel meat, catfish, shrimp, crab and other aquatic products; Have toon head, brassica, coriander, mustard, spinach, bean sprouts, lettuce, eggplant, black white, leek, bamboo shoots, pumpkin, cigu, shiitake, mushroom and other vegetables; apricot, plum, peach, ginkgo, mango, bayberry, cherry, Lychee, melon and other fruits and vegetables; spicy and pungent seasoning foods such as onions, peppers, ginger, and garlic; and vegetable oil, glutinous rice, wine, white wine, peas, yellow soybeans, tofu, tofu milk, silkworm pupae, etc., sometimes suffering fromFoods such as pimple are generally considered to be hair products, especially on wound ulcers and wounds, or patients with skin diseases such as chronic eczema dermatitis and allergic diseases.

Some researchers have concluded that the hair may cause recurrence or aggravation of the old disease. First, the above-mentioned animal foods contain certain hormones, which can cause certain functions in the human body to be hyperactive or metabolic disorders.

For example, glucocorticosteroids can induce infection spread, ulcer bleeding, seizures, etc. when the physiological dose exceeds the physiological dose, causing recurrence of old diseases.

Second, the foreign proteins contained in some foods have become allergens, causing allergic diseases to recur.

Such as marine fish shrimp and crab often cause skin allergies in patients with asthma, eczema, neurodermatitis, impetigo, psoriasis and other refractory skin diseases.

Tofu milk can also cause acute disease recurrence.

Third, some foods that are irritating diseases, such as liquor, onion and garlic, and other spicy irritating foods can easily spread to inflammatory infections and cause yellowing.

This is the reason that the traditional Chinese medicine says that heat is definitely not to eat spicy and irritating hair.

Food to eat: spinach, apple, tomato, pork (lean) 1.

Should eat high-protein foods; 2.

2. Eat high-vitamin foods;

Eat high-content foods.