[Can I drink chicken soup on fire]_Eat chicken soup_Can you

[Can I drink chicken soup on fire]_Eat chicken soup_Can you

Southerners like to use a variety of foods to make soup to eat, because the nutrients in the food will be released in the soup, so that the essence of the food can be completely absorbed.

Spring and autumn are relatively dry seasons. People will easily get angry during these two seasons. Can they drink chicken soup if they get angry?

Chicken soup and black chicken soup are both soups with warming effect. It is still not recommended for everyone to drink when they get angry.

First, drink black chicken soup in the summer to get angry? Drinking black chicken soup in the summer may lead to getting angry, because the black chicken is a mild tonic, and the liver itself will be more prosperous in summer. At this time, drinking the warm black chicken soup mayCaused a fire problem.

So you ca n’t “big fish and big meat” in summer, otherwise you should “small fish and small meat”-eat less, make it finely, cut into minced meat, shredded pork, sliced meat, etc. It ‘s easier to digest than meat.One trick is to find the meat with the least oil.

Let’s compare the trace content of various meats: chicken 9.

4%, duck meat 19.

7%, pork 37%, beef 4.

2%, mutton 4.

1%, rabbit meat 2.

2%, fish contains 1%?
3% aunt, of which rabbit meat, fish aunt content is low.

Health Tips: The broth is most suitable for drinking in the morning in the summer. Because the broth is rich in protein and a small amount, it can be digested in the body for 3-5 hours. Avoid some people. Generally, this discharge will cause high temperature and temperature.Hypoglycemia.

Drinking different soups in different seasons can prevent complications.

Such as mung bean soup in summer, mutton soup in winter and so on.

Those who are fat are suitable to drink a bowl of vegetable soup before meals, which can satisfy appetite and help lose weight.

People who are thin and weak drink more high-sugar, high-protein soups to enhance their physique.

Second, the consumption of black chicken soup is contraindicated. 1. It is not suitable for patients with chronic superficial gastritis. It has a lot of gastric acid and poor digestive function. Drinking more chicken soup will promote gastric acid secretion.

2, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis often authors should not eat, do not drink chicken broth, because the digestion of chicken broth requires bile to participate together, drinking chicken broth will stimulate gallbladder contraction and easily cause cholecystitis.

3. Patients with hyperuricemia should not drink chicken soup, because chicken soup can supplement purine and a small amount, which will induce gout attack.

4. Patients with hyperlipidemia and mild liver are not suitable for consumption. After being absorbed in the chicken broth, it will cause blood lipid and blood insulin to increase, causing slight accumulation in the liver, depositing in the intima of blood vessels, and causing coronary atherosclerosis.
5. Patients with renal insufficiency are not suitable for consumption. Chicken soup contains certain small molecule proteins to eliminate patients with acute nephritis, acute and chronic renal insufficiency, or uremia, because patients with kidney and liver cannot treat protein catabolism on time. Drink more chicken soup.It will cause hypernitrosemia, and aggravate the progress of the disease.

Third, what are the nutritional values of black chicken soup? 1. Anti-aging and anti-cancer black chicken contains nutrients that have the effect of removing free radicals in the body, inhibiting the formation of peroxides, anti-aging and inhibiting the growth of absorption.

2. Regulating gynecological diseases Black-bone chicken has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, strengthening spleen and solidifying blood, and can effectively treat women’s irregular menstruation and iron deficiency anemia.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” holds that “(black chickens) benefit the mother, and take care of the collapse of the woman”.

3. Keeping health and preventing disease, improving immunity and regular consumption of black chicken can effectively regulate physiological functions, improve human immunity, strengthen muscles and strengthen bones, and have obvious effects on patients with osteoporosis, rickets, iron deficiency anemia in women and so on.

Blackbird chicken contains DHA and EPA substances can also improve children’s intelligence, prevent senile dementia, prevent cerebral thrombosis and myocardial infarction.