[Can fungus and kelp be eaten together?

]_ Black fungus _ same food

[Can fungus and kelp be eaten together?
]_ Black fungus _ same food

Fungus is one of the most common ingredients in our lives, and its nutritional value is very high. Although the shape does not look very attractive, it can really help us treat some diseases.

Therefore, in Chinese medicine, fungus is also regarded as a traditional Chinese medicine.

However, when eating fungus usually, there are some things to pay attention to. Then the question comes. Can fungus and kelp be eaten together?

First, what can’t fungus be eaten with?

1. Agaric and radish cannot be eaten with radishes. Both fungus and radishes are cold ingredients, and eating them together can easily cause dermatitis. Because fungus contains some allergens, people who are sensitive to certain special substances should not use fungus and radishesEat together.

2. Fungus can not eat with Ophiopogon japonicus. It has a very strong heart and antibacterial effect, but it conflicts with the fungus. If taken together, it may cause chest discomfort and nausea.

3, fungus can not eat with snails, conch, there are more lipids and gums, they will have adverse reactions with bioactive substances in conch, conch is cold and fungus has a smooth effect, which is easy to eat togetherIndigestion, severe poisoning.

4. Fungus cannot be eaten with wild ducks. Fungus is a cold ingredient, and wild ducks are also cold supplements. Consuming them together will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines and cause severe indigestion.

5, fungus can not eat with vitamin K3 vitamin K3 has the effect of promoting blood clotting, and fungus contains anti-cancer blood coagulation ingredients, while eating together will reduce the role of vitamins, so fungus can not eat with vitamin K3 ingredients.

6. Fungus cannot be eaten with strong tea. Both strong tea and fungus contain many types of biologically active substances. Black fungus contains iron and strong tea contains monobutyric acid. Complex biochemical reactions will occur when they are eaten together, affecting the human body.The absorption and utilization of iron elements reduce the normal iron content in the human body, and iron deficiency easily causes iron deficiency anemia.

Therefore, you cannot drink tea when eating black fungus.

Second, what food is best with fungus?

1. Garlic moss and agaric fungus: two kinds of the same food are beneficial to nourish the stomach and nourish the lungs, cool blood to stop bleeding, reduce fat and lose weight.

2, lettuce and black fungus: two kinds of food with beneficial qi, nourishing the stomach and lungs, reducing fat and weight and lowering blood pressure.

3, Tremella and fungus: the two with the same food beneficial Qi moisturizing the lungs, nourishing blood and beauty.

It is also very effective in treating chronic bronchitis and pulmonary heart disease.

4, cucumber and fungus: two kinds of food can balance nutrition and have the effect of weight loss.

5. Agaric and kelp: The same food has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, replenishing Shengjin, lowering blood pressure, preventing arteriosclerosis, and losing weight.

6. Aloe and Agaric: The same food has laxative heat-removing and insecticidal effects, which has a significant effect on the treatment of diabetes.

7. Pork waist and fungus: It has a good adjuvant treatment effect on chronic illness, weak kidney and low back pain.

8, squid and fungus: rich in protein, iron and collagen, can make the skin tender and smooth.