[Can not eat bayberry?

]_ Raspberry _ overdose

[Can not eat bayberry?
]_ Raspberry _ overdose

The fruit of bayberry is unfamiliar to everyone, because it belongs to one of the most common appetizers. Not only does it taste very sweet and sour, it also contains many nutrients that cannot be classified.

If you recently felt that your appetite is not very good, you can eat more bayberry for appetizers at this time. The effect can be said to be immediate.

So, can’t I eat too much bayberry?

Bayberry eats too much to get angry. Bayberry eats too much to get angry. Bayberry eats too much to get serious. So no matter how good the food is, you need to pay attention to eating it in moderation.

Relevant experts said: Bayberry is rich in vitamin C, glucose, fructose, citric acid, etc., sweet and sour; in addition, bayberry is rich in potassium, which can be used for a lot of people who sweat in summer.

In terms of food taste, bayberry is warm, sweet and sour, enters the lungs, and has two meridian classics. It has the effects of refreshing and quenching thirst, digestion with stomach, antiemetic and diarrhea.

Bayberry can have the effects of nourishing yin, moistening, spleen and stomach, but can’t eat more.

But no matter how good you ca n’t eat too much, eating more bayberry is indeed going to get angry.

Because the acid substances contained in bayberry are not easily oxidized and decomposed, once these acid substances enter the body, they will irritate the gastric mucosa with gastric acid, cause gastric ulcers, and cause anger.

Yangmei will irritate the stomach after eating too much, and it can also get angry.

People with gastrointestinal upset should stay away from bayberry to avoid irritating the stomach.

In particular, people with chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers, and excessive gastric acid secretion should not consume it on an empty stomach, so as not to cause excessive gastric acid secretion and cause illness; those with poor basic diabetes control in diabetes should not eat bayberry.

Yangmei eats too much and will get seriously angry. Do not eat without restraint regardless of the good food.