[How many degrees of blisters are best for lemons]_The temperature of the water_The most suitable

[How many degrees of blisters are best for lemons]_The temperature of the water_The most suitable

Everyone knows that lemon has many benefits, especially for beautiful women. Drinking lemonade often can whiten the skin, remove skin spots, and also detoxify, but not everyone is suitable for eating lemons, and people with poor stomachsIt is best not to eat lemons, because they are not aggravated. Lemons are light-sensitive foods. Do not drink them during the day. Lemons cannot be soaked in hot water to avoid affecting the taste and damage to nutrients.

Let us first understand what is the role of lemonade?

1. Improve immunity.

The rich vitamin C in lemonade helps the immune system fight a cold.

Heiji said that lemonade also helps the body to absorb iron because vitamin C can increase the bioavailability of non-heme iron by 4 times.

2. Promote wound healing.

Vitamin C is one of the important nutrients to promote wound healing and maintain bone, tissue and bone health.

Vitamin C also helps neutralize free radicals and suppress inflammation in the body.

3. Fight against skin aging.

Heiji said that the antioxidant effect of lemonade helps to deal with the damage of free radicals in the body and ease the aging process.

The vitamin C of its vitamins can help amino acids synthesize collagen, protect the skin, and prevent premature wrinkles.

For many sedentary office men or regular social professionals, obese aunts can always cause headaches.

At this time, you can drink a glass of lemonade while working, which can also reduce your appetite and effectively lose weight.

Therefore, lemonade has many functions, and weight loss is one of them.

For example, there are a lot of quotes about lemonade, but is that really true?

About lemonade 1, can’t use hot water?

Some people say that lemons cannot be soaked in hot water because they are afraid of losing vitamin C.

Of course, the lemon water should not be too cold, otherwise the fragrance will not come out.

Due to the increased acidity of lemon, vitamin C has better heat resistance under acidic conditions, and it is not as easy to lose as expected. The temperature of water in the lemon slice above 60 degrees is completely fine.

Besides, drinking lemonade is not the only one for that vitamin C.

When the temperature rises, the acidity of the food will be stronger, so the hot lemonade will overflow more acidic.

The solution to this problem is simple, just dry the lemonade and drink it.

About lemonade 2, do you want to make it thicker?

Lemon soaking water must be light, a slice of lemon with a slice of water, can pour 3?
4 cups.

This lemonade does not have a strong acidity, and it is immediately added without sugar or honey, so the energy contained in it is metabolized.

Lemons must be peeled and thinly sliced, because the part of the peel contains higher flavonoids, which may be more worthy to be brewed than lemon pulp. Lemon essential oil is also mainly in the peel. When thinly cut, the aroma components in the lemon peel are easy to foam.

Lemon peel, including other citrus peels, contains some bitter flavonoids, such as orange peel substitutes, pomelo peel compounds, but they are also beneficial ingredients.

It has a bit of bitter taste, and it matches the sour taste, and it feels thirsty again after drinking in hot weather.

About lemonade 3, can not drink stomach problems?

Some people say that people with stomach problems can’t drink lemonade, because too strong acid will irritate the stomach, and excessive gastric acid is not available.

But in fact, a slice of lemon is used to soak a large bottle of water. The lemonade tastes very light. It is not as sour as sweet drinks like cola, and it will not cause stomach ulcers.

And not drink pure lemon juice (pure lemon juice pH2.

5 or so, comparable to cola).

Because citric acid is beneficial for the absorption of many minerals, westerners like to squeeze lemon juice on fish, meat, and eggs, and think it can help digestion.

For people with indigestion, adding a thin slice of ginger to lemonade can be done at meal time, which will be beneficial to promoting the secretion of digestive juices.

About Lemonade 4, Will It Promote Stones?

Some people say that lemonade cannot be eaten with calcium-containing foods. Calcium and citric acid will combine to form precipitates and even form stones in the body. This is a rumor.
Calcium citrate slightly degrades water, and the solubility of calcium citrate tetrahydrate is 0.
02 grams / 100 grams of water, it seems not high, but calcium citrate is a good material for making calcium supplement products, because it does not need stomach acid to help it can be absorbed by the body.

In fact, citric acid does not promote kidney stones like oxalic acid. On the contrary, organic acids such as citric acid are beneficial for the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other minerals in food.Prevention is also beneficial, even in the treatment of kidney stones.

About Lemonade 5: Can’t drink during the day?

Some people have heard that lemonade can whiten, but others have heard that lemon is a “photosensitive food”, and they worry that the skin will become darkened after drinking lemonade during the day.

But this statement is limited to online rumors, and no relevant research evidence has been seen.

There is even online information saying that vitamin C is a light-sensitive substance. If this is the case, all fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C. It seems that some people cannot eat any fruits and vegetables during the day-it is obviously ridiculous.

From a scientific perspective, the main light-sensitive substances in food include chlorophyll, riboflavin, and heme.

If you eat light-sensitive substances, you will have spots. First of all, you ca n’t eat red meat (heme), milk ca n’t eat (more riboflavin), green leafy vegetables and kiwi ca n’t eat (chlorophyll). SeeI can only eat food during the day!

About Lemonade 6: Is Lemon Acidic?

Due to the fact that “acidic food causes acidic constitution”, lemonade is an acid food or an alkaline food, which has always made many people very dizzy.

Obviously it tastes sour and the pH value is acidic. Why is it called alkaline food?

Because there is citric acid in lemons, citric acid can be completely metabolized in the body to generate carbon dioxide and water, which is converted into carbonic acid and exhaled from the body, and the acidity is also eliminated.

The potassium and calcium ions in lemons remain in the body as metal cations.

These ions can be combined with acid ions, which can reduce the acidity of urine, so it is called “basic food”.

Both lemons and fruits are basically alkaline foods.

This is particularly important for patients with gout and hyperuricemia, because when the urine is alkaline, uric acid forms salts, which are more easily eliminated by the body, which can reduce the risk of gout attacks.

The term “acidic constitution” is not scientific in itself, but it is better to forget it.

About lemonade 7, will it get fat?

Light lemonade is a good drink with very low sugar content (lemon has 0 sugar).

About 5%, so much water has been added), the energy contained is negligible, so it will not make people gain weight.

However, it is not the same after adding sugar or honey.

Sour food with a little sugar is always fascinating, as is lemonade.

Cold lemonade with a little honey will feel particularly cool and quench your thirst.

However, lightly sweet lemonade contains about 5% sugar, whether it is fructose in honey or sucrose in white sugar.

Calculated by 5% sugar, a paper cup (200 grams) of sweetened honey water contains 40 kcal of energy. If you drink two cups, it is equivalent to eating 1/4 bowl of rice, so people who control weight still need to limit it.Because honey lemonade is delicious, drink it daily.

Regarding lemonade 8, how can lemons be stored?

Someone asks, I only use a slice of lemon every time, what about the rest?

Don’t worry too much.

The lemon fruit is quite storable, so doctors recommend that sailors carry lemons on board.

The main problem with lemon for a long time is that the surface becomes dry, but it can still be used after drying. The inside is still juicy, and it will be fine for a month.

Spread a little lemon on the surface of the lemon, wrap it in plastic wrap, and put it in the freshness box for two or three days.

This is due to the high acidity of citric acid, and most microorganisms often retreat.

Dried lemon can also be used to soak water, but because the aroma of the skin has been lost and vitamin C has been lost, the flavor of lemonade will be discounted, but it can still be used to make lemon tea, which can provide some citric acid and potassium.
There is also a lemon preservation tip. Wash the lemon, insert it into a straw, squeeze the juice, remove the straw, cover the hole with plastic wrap in the refrigerator, and store in the refrigerator. Can it be stored for 3?
5 days.